Tuesday, May 21, 2013

And so it begins...

After some reading and discussion with some friends at church, Chad and I decided to make a lifestyle change by following the eating recommendations of the Paleo Diet.  Yesterday, I am happy to report, we began the first steps on our journey.  The evening was spent purging our kitchen of unhealthy food and restocking it with healthier options-- here are my thoughts and feelings about the process.

I spent over two hours riding our fridge and pantry of all the items that we could no longer eat-- out of sight, out of mind.  I just felt that as a family unit we would have much more success making this drastic transition by doing it.  After 3 garbage bags full of expired/opened and stale/two bites left of food I cannot tell you the incredible sense of guilt I felt over how much food we had wasted. Thankfully, I was able to donate several items of unopened can goods and etc to our church which helped to ease the guilt some, but the overwhelming sense of excess that we had in our pantry and fridge has continued to be heavy on my heart even throughout today.  As we move, forward in this journey I pray that God will help us as a family to reel in the excess and over-consumption that has flooded our home and minds from traditional American culture.

I am really excited to see how this journey will change us.  Though Chad or I neither one have ever been considered overweight we both could stand to lose a few pounds to be at our optimal appearance.  I am interested to see how our body's will shift and adjust as we make these changes.  I personally though I am more excited to see how these health changes will make me feel.  As a wife,  mommy of two rambunctious little boys, full time professional and volunteer for about six million other duties it easy too understand why I might stay tired, but the lack of energy I have had recently is overwhelming.  It seems as even when I have time to sleep I am not able too, so I am hoping that as I become healthier not only will I look better but I will feel better too.

As I dumped the remains of Easter, Valentine, Christmas and I ashamed as I am Halloween candy into the trash bag I began to wonder if the boys would strike a coup d'√Čta against me... no more candy, no more chips, no more Pop-Tarts-- whatever shall they eat!?!  I was blown away to see that the boys came home after my purge and restock and were absolutely THRILLED to eat the fresh strawberries and apples I had picked up instead of Cheetos or Fruit Loops.  Basically-- I have been a lazy mom.  Yup, I said it-- LAZY.  It is actually not about what the boys will or won't eat, its about the time I am willing to put in to feed them.  Handing them a bag or Pop-Tart out of the pantry is much easier and convenient than cutting up some strawberries and slicing an apple to hand them.  With that being said, I did keep a few toddler friendly items around such as milk (dairy is not allowed on Paleo) and hotdogs, but for the most part I am going to expect the boys to eat what we eat.

My favorite memory of day one:  Noal asking Daddy for more "weafs" out of his salad.  The kid sat and ate raw spinach leaves like it was M&Ms.  And I though they were the ones who would complain...

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