Wednesday, May 29, 2013

One Week Complete

One week down in the books for our new, healthier lifestyle.  The first week on Paleo has been an adventure and I've have learned a lot along the way.  I hope I've been able to shed some insight into the start of it for you if you are interested in starting Paleo yourself.

Soooo... I'm sure the big question is, what are the results?  Here's what I can tell you are the results for us so far:

  • Chad and I have both lost weight, just a few pounds each but that's a start.
  • I have slept better the past week-- even when my allergies struck.
  • The cravings are slowing down.  Not going to lie, it is still tough to not eat what I want to eat, but it gets easier every day.
  • I am taking on a new mentality about food:
    • Food is not about what I want, it's about what my body needs.  
    • That is not to say that I'm never going to eat certain things again, it's just I've learned to view things like cokes, Starbucks, cheese dip, etc as treats, not cheats.  I am not going to feel bad when I have these things I'm just going to change my mentality about when and how much I should have them.

Overall I am happy with the success and results for one week.  I have learned a great deal and there is still learning to be done.  Looking forward to continuing on this journey!

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