Saturday, May 25, 2013


I wanted to take a post to talk a little about what I've learned in the last week about where to shop for Paleo.  Upon reading the books and deciding to go on this journey I just knew that Whole Feeds was the place to go to get what we needed-- and don't get my wrong it had everything we needed it was also just EXTEMELY pricey.  Chad's reaction was if you spent that where is all the stuff?  We knew that eating clean would mean more grocery money, but ouch-- I didn't know how much.  Luckily, I found us some more wallet friendly alternatives.


Whole Foods is great if you are looking for really unusual items and not wanting to get confused on what is clean and what isn't because all of Whole Foods is clean eating friendly.  But let me warn you, if you have never been to Whole Foods it is an interesting experience.  I felt like a complete loser the entire time as I walked around looking my screen shots from the Kindle trying to pick up our new items.  The place has a culture all of its own and if it is your first time you're going to feel like an outsider.  Let me share a few tips with you.  Make a list of what you need-- I thought I had a good idea but got in there and got so overwhelmed that I ended up walking through each aisle at least five times.  Also, be sure to bring your own shopping bags.  They have bags there if you forget but you don't get the ugly looks if you bring your own.


This place is where you need to go.  I just assumed that they wouldn't have as much selection as Whole Foods, but boy I was wrong.  I stopped in yesterday just to pick up a few items and was amazed by their selection and their prices.  They have all the grass-fed beef and free-range chicken and also have enough organic fruits to get you through.  They have lots of options for dressings and I was even able to pick up a Paleo friendly bottle of ranch so that I didn't have to make my own.  This is where I will continue to do our shopping from now on.


I haven't purchased anything yet because I am waiting to see just how much we use and how much we need but there are some great options to purchase your Paleo friendly foods online.  Chad and I are considering do a 1/2 cow from a grass-fed online site that would be a big chunk of money upfront, but would save us in the long run.  There are also some sites that offer Paleo snacks and etc that we will buy eventually.  Here are some of the websites I've discovered:

Lastly, I have to give some major props to my hubby.  He made an EXCELLENT Paleo meal last night.  I came home from work to blackened Mahi-Mahi, grilled asparagus and zucchini.  It was DELICIOUS!!

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