Friday, May 31, 2013

You want me to eat what???

I knew one of the challenges going into this healthy lifestyle journey would be getting the boys, ah-hem, Chad, to eat things they don't normally eat.  Luckily this was Chad's idea and he went into knowing that he was going to have to branch out and try new things.  I mean, the man doesn't like guacamole, who doesn't like guacamole??  It's like the perfect paleo snack and makes eating celery much more tasty!

Anyways, I had purchased some bell peppers in my trip to Whole Foods (Read more about that experience here), that were about to go bad.  I had put off using them because I knew that Chad is not a big fan of bell peppers, but on Paleo it was one of those things I thought he needed to learn to like.  So I did a stuffed bell pepper recipe and I am happy to report that while he says he could have done without the bell pepper and just ate the stuffing, he actually liked the recipe-- and ate the bell pepper with it.  I thought they were amazing-- this recipe is awesome if you like stuffed peppers.  Noal even ate his and the remainder of Trace's he like them so much!

My Stuffed Bell Peppers - YUMMO
I found the recipe on a website and just made a few minor tweaks to accommodate what I had in my kitchen.  Instead of using the 1/2 large onion I had a frozen Bird's Eye Marsala blend that was in my freezer and used it instead.  I actually liked that better because it added mushrooms to the stuffing and we LOVE mushrooms at our house.  Side Note:  The Bird's Eye Recipe Ready frozen veggies are awesome if you are lazy like me and hate to chop/dice/mince etc thing like onions, mushrooms, stir-fry ingredients, etc.  Plus they are frozen so they don't go bad as quickly and are less likely to end up wasted.

Next week we are getting ready to try our first round with EMEALS and I am super excited about it.  It provides you with 4-7 dinner recipes (depending on the super affordable plan you chose) a week and includes a shopping list for the items you'll need.  SUPER EASY and SUPER HANDY if you are just getting started and need new ideas like we do.  Check it out here!  We are starting tomorrow so I will be sure to update how that goes!

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