Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Beach Vacation

Life gets a little crazy sometimes so I haven't been the diligent blogger that I should have.  I did want to take the opportunity to share some stories from our beach vacation with you.

This year we went to Destin, Florida with Yaya and Poppy.  It was an AMAZING vacation.  Super relaxing, lots of yummy food, a little shopping, and some chubby, sandy toes on my little boys; it doesn't get better than that.  Trace absolutely loved the beach this year, even got out in the ocean boogie-boarding with Daddy.  Noal was still uncertain about the whole thing, but he didn't mind being outside hanging out with the fam.  We were able to see dolphins off our balcony every morning and that was probably my favorite part, I have never seen that many dolphins that close before.  Poppy even caught one (don't worry, he cut it lose!) while him and Chad were fishing on the pier.

It is hard to believe that right when we got back from vacation, Noal turned two.  The boys are getting big so quickly and the saying that the days are long, but the years are short could not ring more true for us right now.
Here are some pics from our amazing vacation:

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