Friday, June 17, 2011

--- Father's Day ---

First of all, I want to wish a Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful fathers out there.  I hope that your kids and wife spoil you and remind you on this day, and everyday, just how extra special you are to them.

Chad unfortunately has to work on Father's Day, but really June 19 is just a date and I can celebrate him as a wonderful husband and an incredible dad on any day.  So I chose to do it last night!  He came home from work and we had a Mitchell family favorite for supper, Mexican Mountain.  After dinner, I had Trace come with me and take the Father's Day presents to him.  Trace couldn't get the words "Happy Father's Day" to come out right so we took the present in and said, "Happy Daddy's Day".

A little background before I share more on the present.  Chad and I have never really been present people, we had rather go and do something together instead of spending the money on something that only one of us gets enjoyment out of.  However, I have had something really special that I have been wanting to create for him for a while now and Father's Day seemed like the perfect time to do it.  I also, thanks to my new obsession with couponing, was able to custom make his Father's Day card (for free!) on  Here is what his card looked like:

I also created one for my Dad.  Tiny Prints is a great website for this if you have never used it.  I created it about a week ago and they mailed it for me so that it arrives tomorrow.  So easy!  My Dad is a wonderful man and I am blessed to be able to call him mine.  I was excited to create this for him and I hope it will bring a smile to his face, because he is in fact my first true love.

On to Chad's present...  I have mentioned before that I am big on family traditions.  One of the traditions I was able to create for our family was that both of my boys wore the outfit that Chad and all of his brothers wore home from the hospital while they were in the hospital (my boys were born in the colder months so they couldn't actually wear it home).  Of course, I took lots of pictures of my boys in the outfit and I made especially sure that I took one of Chad holding each of the boys in it.  Lucky for me my mother-in-law was able to find a picture of Chad's dad holding Chad in the outfit.  Are you getting the idea yet?  So for Father's Day I created a picture collage of Chad holding his boys in the outfit and Chad being held by his Dad in the outfit.  I was so excited for how it turned out:

Chad said this is the best gift, other than our boys, that I have ever given him.  Win! for me.  I absolutely can't wait to get this framed and up on our wall.  It shows such a special moment in all of our lives and to me exemplifies what a great father he is.  I am so blessed to have Chad as the father of my children.  He is a wonderful man of God and I can only hope that one day my boys will become the man that their father is. 

Happy Father's Day Chad,
I love you with all my heart and thank God everyday that he has blessed me with you.

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