Thursday, June 30, 2011

--- Cars 2 ---

Monday afternoon Chad and I took Trace on an outing with just Mommy and Daddy so that he had some special time with just us.  We went to see Mrs. Liz and get our haircut and Trace acted like a big boy, for the most part.  He wasn't a fan of getting the hair by his ears cut.  Afterwards we went to Logan's Roadhouse for a little dinner before the main event, Cars 2!!!

I had been so excited to take Trace to see Cars 2 in the theatres because he loved the first one so much.  Trace is a huge fan of movies and we had never attempted to take him to a theatre before, but I just knew he would do great... Well I was WRONG.

The movie started out great, Trace was really interested and was even wanting to set in my lap (which is highly unusual!).  Then he had an urge to go #2, after three attempts to go to the potty we were unsuccessful.  Trace likes to hide when he goes to the bathroom and between no privacy and the automatic flushers that kept going off every time he or I moved him around going #2 was just not going to happen.  He had a pull-up on so I thought in this instance I would just let him use the pull-up and then he would watch the movie.  The problem was he kept wanting to hide in the theatre to go to the potty, so after several attempts to blockade him in between us Chad and I finally gave up and left the movie about an hour into it.

We did a little shopping, because it is rare that we get out with just one child and not two, so we decided to take advantage of the opportunity.  As soon as we went into Gap, Trace went straight for the dressing rooms and crawled under the door of one (luckily it was empty!) and used the bathroom...  Of course.  After that was finally out of our way we had fun chasing him around the mall and Dick's before finally grabbing some Starbucks and chokit milk for Trace and headed home.

All in all, even though the night didn't go as planned, it is a memory I will cherish forever.  I do think we will wait a little while before attempting the movie theatre again, or at least until we are fully potty trained! 

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