Saturday, August 27, 2011

---Blessed Birthday---

I had a wonderful birthday weekend and was so blessed to spend some quality time with so many of my friends and family.

On Friday, Chad and I went to Nashville for the night.  We went out to Cabana for dinner and they had the most amazing "sweet tea chicken" and sweet tea slushy that I have ever had.  The food was so good and the it was one of the best things I have ever drank.  Joining us for dinner were some of our favorite couples, I was so glad they could make the trip down to Nashville to join us.

Soon to be Megan Mitchell Squared (My future sis-in-law!)

The hubs and I.

The ladies, plus two...  Notice Nichole and Ash's lil bumps.
 After dinner, we went downtown to the Gulch, AKA the Gooch.  We had some drinks at Cantina Laredo and my favorite park was my birthday brownie complete with sparkler.
My birthday sparkler.
 On Saturday, Chad and I went on a little shopping trip to Green Hills and ate at Carabba's.  We loove Carabba's, it is our favorite and has become our staple date night/lunch place.  Although I really enjoyed my night out, I was very anxious to get back home to my two precious boys.

On Saturday night, we were able to celebrate Travis and Megan's engagement.  We are so excited for them and the engagement party was a great way to celebrate in this exciting time in their lives with them.

Chad, Megan #1, Megan #3, and Travis
Chad and I were both tired, so we left early and took our niece Ally Jane home with us.  So Trace had his first girl in his bed... Too bad it was his cousin.  :)  They are going to kill me for those pictures when they are older, but they were just too cute not to share.

On Sunday, (my actual birthday) we took the cousins to church and it was fun getting Ally Jane all dolled up.  I love my little boys, but getting her ready and curling her hair was a fun treat for Mimi!  After church we went to Gramps and MeMaw's for lunch and then headed to the lake.  My big sis, Jodi, came down and went out with us, Dan and Abby, Trav, Trace, and our babysitter Taylor.  We all had a blast and we rocked out some wakeboarding.  It was the best I had ever done!

All in all it was an incredible birthday weekend.  I realized just how blessed I was at dinner on Friday night.  Megan had got me a Dogeared wish necklace for my birthday and as I was thinking about what to wish for I couldn't even think of a single thing I didn't already have.  So my wish was for Travis and Megan to have the happiness in marriage that Chad and I share...  and I think they are well on there way!  I am so blessed with a great husband, two amazing children, and wonderful friends...  I am one very lucky girl. 

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