Monday, July 11, 2011

--- Roby Reunion ---

We spent this past weekend at Paris Landing State Park for the Roby Reunion.  The Roby family is Chad's mother's side of his family.  It was a wonderful time spent with family and outside in the sunshine.  The weather for the weekend couldn't have been more perfect.  It was warm and sunny, but managed to not be too hot.  For me, that is a huge plus because I am not a fan of the Tennessee heat and humidity!

Family Pic - July 2011 - Paris Landing State Park

On Friday, Chad played golf with the guys.  The boys and I arrived that afternoon and went out on the boat to do a little wakeboarding and swimming.  Then we headed down to the beach pavilion for a little BBQ.  We wrapped up the night by playing games in the family room and watching funny YouTube videos in bed.  (If you haven't heard of Epic Rap Battles of History, YouTube it!)

Ally Jane, Uncle Sam, and Trace - July 2011 - Kentucky Lake

Saturday morning we all slept in, even the boys!  That was a nice treat for Mommy and Daddy.  After everyone was up we headed back on the lake and stayed out all day.  Yaya and other family members were nice enough to watch Noal, so we could really enjoy the day on the lake.  Dan and Abby even came down from Danville to join us for a little while.  We spent the day wakeboarding, tubing, and just hanging out on the lake.  My perfect day.

Mommy and Trace - July 2011 - Kentucky Lake
Saturday night we ate at the Paris Landing Inn Restaurant and it was the prime rib buffet.  It was delicious as usual.  We then spent some time sitting around outside letting the kiddos play and just talking and catching up with family.  It was a beautiful night and we all had a really good time.

Daddy and Trace
Baby Noal

Mommy and Daddy

We had a wonderful time, as we always do, at the Roby Reunion.  Next year we are trying something new and not going to Paris Landing, but I am sure whatever we decide to do will be fun.  I just love spending quality time with family!

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