Tuesday, April 26, 2011

--- Family Ski Trip ---

In April, we took a family vacation to Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  Chad's parents, Ronnie and Mitzi, and his brother and significant other, Travis and Megan, went with us on the trip.  It was the first time Chad and I had been skiing since college, so we were both so excited to go.

The most interesting part of the trip was getting all of our luggage on the plane.  We had four suitcases, two ski bags, my laptop bag, a diaper bag, Trace's toy/DVD bag, a stroller, and my purse; all with just two adults and our two small kids.  Needless to say, we gathered a lot of attention as we were checking in.  I am sure we were THOSE people, you know the ones you silently think to yourself, "I hope they aren't on MY flight."  Luckily it all went pretty smooth and once the luggage was checked and we made it through security it was pretty much smooth sailing.  The boys were angels on the both flights, never making a peep!

We booked the trip with a little hesitation because it was the last week of the ski season and so we were a little nervous about what the ski conditions would be like.  Well, as you can see from the picture below they were awesome.  The second day we were there we got 15" of fresh powder it was amazing.

We skied a lot, but I have to say we are not the hard-core, go all day until the lifts close, skiers that we used to be.  We had a wonderful time just relaxing in our cabin with a nice breakfast in the mornings, skiing for a little bit, enjoying a lunch on the mountain, and then skiing for the rest of the afternoon, followed up by dinner at one of the local restaurants.

Another fun thing that we were able to do on this trip was to get Trace on skis for the first time.  We debated putting him in ski school since he barely made the age limit of 2 and a half, but we decided that it was probably best just to let him play around on them this year.  We rented him a set of skis and took him out on the ski in/ski out area of our cabin to let him get used to it.  To be so young, I think we are going to have a natural on our hands, he could keep his skis in french fry position like a little champ!

I was so glad that we were able to get some great family photos while we were there.  With two kids two and under, let me tell you that is no easy task.  Here are some current Mitchell family photos, coming to a Christmas Card soon:

We had a wonderful time on our family vacation at Steamboat Springs and can't wait to go back again very soon!

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