Monday, April 25, 2011

--- About Us ---

Hello from the Chad Mitchell family; Chad, Megan, Trace, and Noal.  Our litte family resides in the small little town of Erin, TN.  Unless you are very close friends or family, you have probably never heard of it.  Erin is an itty-bitty town about an hour northwest of Nashville and has an overwhelming population of 1,500.  Chad works for TVA as an Assistant Unit Operator in the Cumberland City fossil plant and I (Megan) work at Austin Peay State University as the Assistant Director of Admissions. 

The best part of our life is our two little boys; Trace (2.5 years old) and Noal (7 months).  If we aren't busy working, we love spending as much time as possible together as a family.  Some of our favorite activities include boating on Kentucky Lake, eating out, movies (especially cartoons!), and cooking.  We attend Erin Church of the Nazarene and love our church family. 

I am starting this blog in hopes of capturing those special family moments that are gone in flash.  I have been horrible about recording our memories together and special moments we have shared except for my never ending collection of pictures.  I'm not the best at scrapbooking or keeping up with a baby book, but pretty darn good at computers so this seems to suit me a little better.  I hope with this I will be able to have something to look back on in 10, 20, 30, 50 years. 


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